HealthWell Institute

Web Design & Development

The Client

HealthWell Institute’s passion is to bridge the gap between medical-care and self-care by creating health and healing opportunities at a sub-clinical level. They do not diagnose or treat physical symptoms, instead they match your body’s innate desire to heal by investigating and eliminating the root cause of physical symptoms.

Project Overview

HealthWell Institute intended to expand their brand by releasing their techniques, beliefs and products onto the internet. We built a website that explains all of the complex philosophies and principles that they practice. In addition, we built an e-commerce store for them to offer their products online and widen their demographic.


Web Design & Development
Responsive Design & Development
Launch Website



Ecommerce Enabled

Looking to grow their business, HealthWell Institute was in need of a simple e-commerce solution so they could offer their products to consumers online. Designing and developing simple product pages has helped HealthWell grow their business and reach an untapped market.